The Elusive Cool Factor

I admit it. I have lived for quite a long portion of my life with a strong desire to be cool. I want to be Ripley from Alien or Trinity from The Matrix….but it doesn’t have to be a superhero type figure. How about Juno? She is cool always. Witty, self-assured, and just, well, cool.

I watched a movie the other day and finally accepted that I am uncool. Bridget Jones…she did me in. I may not be like her in many ways, but I related all too well in the important ways. The constant foot in the mouth, the trying so very hard to be witty and improve one’s self, the inevitable public humiliation.

I have a friend who is always ridiculously cool. She can go to the local thrift store and pick out things that are horribly out of fashion and then wear them and suddenly they too are cool because they touched her cool skin. I do not understand this. I have tried to wear only things that are hip and have not pulled it off, then attempted to be cool by wearing things that are not cool and found that they are really, well, not cool even after touching my skin. My friend is James Dean and I am Buddy Hackett (if you don’t know who he is just google his pic…you’ll get the idea).

I’m chronically uncool. I rap along with my ipod when I run. I don’t hear the real runners or cyclists, who actually go a decent speed, sneaking up on me. They get the privilege of hearing my white Oklahoma version of Salt-N-Pepa and probably already got to witness me digging out my underwear that insists on jogging with me if ya know what I mean. Damn sneaky fast athletes. Being cool in sport is a whole other level of cool…I will never achieve.

I love geeky stuff and dream of someday attending Comic-con. This has been yet another of my reasons I am not cool, but it seems as though it may be my salvation. Geek is the new cool. I am holding onto hope….a new hope.

Back to Bridget Jones. She is an idiot who does not have it all together and in the film this beautiful and brilliant man comes to her and tells her he likes her just the way she is. Love it! Embracing my uncoolness even as we speak. My husband is that man…genius, charismatic, neat, got it together, beautiful….and as they say opposites attract. He loves me just as I am. I am very lucky to be so very uncool.

  • Chelsea Seibert

    I love you, Amy!!

    • amydale

      You too! xoxo

  • Darren

    cool is a state of mind. anyway, if you keep inspiring me to blog with cool posts like this, i’m going to have no choice but to follow suit.

    • amydale

      I double dog dare ya!

  • Beth Rohman

    this hilarious post makes you very cool. SERIOUSLY. (p.s. haven’t you read the latest? Being nerdy, about ANYTHING…is very in fashion. Wear that Dr. Who shirt with pride! And rap out loud ALL day. Who’s gonna mock the cool kid? Not me…

    • Darren

      so mad.

    • amydale

      Thanks, Boo…now I am cool ;).

  • Bunni Pounds

    Love thanks, Amy

    • amydale

      Thanks so much, Bunni. So glad you enjoyed!

  • Leslie Rohman

    I have always thought you were very cool! It’s nice not to be the only geeky girl around!

    • amydale

      Haha! Thanks, Leslie! Glad to share geekiness with you ;)!

  • Christine

    You’re one of the coolest people I know!

    • amydale

      You’re just saying that because I like Doctor Who ;).

  • Eric Alexander

    Blogging was a good decision you made. Is this a first attempt?

    • amydale

      Thanks, Eric! I have blogged before, but it was more of a family update blog. I’m glad you are enjoying it!! Thanks for posting it on Facebook too!

  • michelleclements8

    I have always thought you were very cool. Very much yourself, and incredibly comfortable in your own skin. Trust me, it’s an amazing quality some of us still aspire to! You are a fantastic mother, and I have watched you show your amazing creativity to your children, and it is clear that they are following in your footsteps!! (I only hope to do such a good job someday!) You express your thoughts so well, and it is even “cool” and freeing that you share your insecurities here so we can be inspired to share ours!!! . I always thought you were an awesome woman, with a big heart, and HUGE creativity (and yeah…a pretty cool guy~you guys make a great team, and that’s inspirational too!). So from one goof-ball to one “cool” cat, thanks for Rocking!

    • amydale

      Michelle…wow! Thanks so much! You made my night!